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Private Events

Inspired Community

Looking for an empowering event? Pick an existing theme, or let’s customize a learning agenda just for you. For groups of three or more.

Topics: Experience 18 amazing writing tools for self-awareness, stress release and problem solving.

Format: Private classroom (like a digital magazine just for your group!). The course is fully self-paced. It’s designed to be about one hour of activities per week (although most people find they enjoy it and add a bit more time!).

Journal to the Self Online

A beloved workshop that’s been helping people release stress, solve problems and connect for over 35 years. 

Pricing: 9 lessons +4 optional bonus webinars

Groups of 3-6: $99 (per person)

Groups of 7-14: $75 (per person)

Groups up to 25: $500 (pre-paid by host)

Start Learning!: Once three in your group have signed up, the first lesson will open on the following Thursday, with a new lesson each week. Each lesson includes 3-5 short activities.