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Workshops & Tools

A journal is more than just a diary — and so much more interesting to do!

All the workshops I teach are based on brain science (to help you think differently, and more quickly). And, a short reflection method so you can see and apply your own ah-ha’s. With fun, five minute activities you will delight yourself with your writing, and become your own coach and teacher. (Yes, that means you!) 

Learn how to unlock your own inner wisdom. Create your own personal change. Simple goal-oriented journal writing techniques will help you think more creatively, solve problems, navigate a new chapter, build mindfulness, nurture yourself, connect with others – the applications are endless!

From free tools to course info, this page has all the resources you need for dynamic tools you can apply in just minutes for life-changing results.

Journal to the Self® Online Course

There is an expert guide within you! Explore 18 life-changing tools as you direct your own personal growth through writing. A six-lesson workshop designed for busy people looking to build rich insights quietly, into everyday practice.

Self-paced. Private writing in your journal, guided insights by a real person (me!), community learning in our easy classroom. A new session opens on the second Thursday of every month. Sign up, then start and finish at your own pace.

Workshops are based on the Journal to the Self® course pioneered by the Center for Journal Therapy with beloved techniques used by thousands of people for more than 30 years.

Mini Sessions

Why do we get our best ideas in the shower? Or why do the big ones keep us up at night? Connect your everyday thinking brain, with your creative and subconscious brain when you time it. Big ideas, problems solved, stress managed! Designed for busy people looking for focused outcomes in one amazing session.

Explore Reflection Writing

Learn how your journal can become a dynamic tool for personal growth, and how easy it is do to. A reflective, dynamic journal is way different from a flat ‘Dear Diary, today I did…’ experience! Check out “Reflective Writing in Your Journal” on the free Insight Timer app. Best four minutes you’ll spend today. Or try a free writing prompt (hosted by Girls Nite Live). Don’t forget to have your favorite journal, a notepad or a keyboard device handy.

“You always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” Glinda, the Good Witch, to Dorothy

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